by David Beilstein

Mark Steyn has come down on the Chuck Hagel nomination by President Obama. Mr Steyn’s point (it seems) is that ObamaCare has consequences.

Fiscal ones.

If ObamaCare exists, writes Mr Steyn, spending cuts have to come from some where now don’t they? Likewise, writes Mr Steyn, the policy of sequestration within the Department of Defense is a more pliable policy for the Obama administration with Chuck Hagel at the head of DOD than someone else.

National Review Online’s Elliot Abrams also weighed in with an interesting point.

The primary argument against Hagel’s confirmation seems to be that his policy views are wrong, bad, and even dangerous — and of course contrary to those of whoever is lodging this criticism. Several senators have already said they would vote against Hagel, and others have jumped on the fence and are sitting there until the hearings — due to their…

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