Barbara Scoville, LCSW


The connection between food and well-being has always been fascinating to me. Growing up in the 70’s placed me at the dawn of a health food awakening in the United States. Those of us who ate granola, yogurt, and fresh fruits and vegetables were in the minority compared to those who saw industrialized products as revolutionary, mainly because  of their convenience. There was something “cool” about eating the whole food, rather than the canned varieties that were present on most nightly dinner tables. In many ways it was a cultural preference, originating from health roots but having very little to do with any health benefits. My husband remembers me sharing fresh zucchini strips, cheese, and whole wheat crackers with him soon after we met. It made a real impression on him because he had never had anything like that before. Sad huh…well that was the 70’s

In the past couple of years…

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