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Note: I’ve kept this list to fights that can realistically happen next year, hence why you won’t see any fights like Donaire-Mares or Fury-Price on this list that are prevented by promotional differences.

1. Vitali Klitschko-Haye – Haye, despite toe-gate, is still clearly the world’s third best heavyweight, and Vitali, for all his dominance, does seem to be fading, as his punch accuracy and power has dipped significantly in the past couple of years. It has the potential to be the most competitive top heavyweight fight that can be made, and the build-up would be terrific. If Vitali doesn’t retire, then this is the fight that makes most sense: even though Haye hasn’t really earned it, it’s rare that someone actually earns a title opportunity at heavyweight these days.

2. Wladimir Klitschko-Povetkin – Povetkin is the world’s third ranked heavyweight (if hardly the world’s third best), and has systematically avoided…

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