Yesterday afternoon we went to my cousin’s wedding.  It was a truly lovely occasion, made only more amusing by Babess.

When we took our pew in the church, Babess was thrilled to find books on the shelf in front of her.  Scorning the children’s bible stories, she picked up the Bible and the hymn book, both weighty tomes, and alternated between them.  She would run her finger along the dense lines of text, “reading” them and telling me what they “said”.  This kept her nicely occupied while we waited for the bride to arrive.

“This book says everything you have to have for a wedding,” she informed me.  “It says… you have to have blue seats.”

I looked at the pew cushions.  Blue.  “Good, I think we’re set, then.”  She nodded sagely and turned back to the book.

“It says you have to have a window with baby Jesus on…

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