Kelly O'Melia

I had decided after taking several neuroscience/neuropsychology classes that the brain completely fascinated me.

I signed up for a two-semester independent study my senior year, working in a rat lab with one of my favorite professors .

I attended surgeries where probes were inserted into the brains of female rats to measure the release of dopamine.

We tested the rats’ chemical responses to different stimuli for months at a time.

Rats are naturally nocturnal animals, behaving more actively when the lights are low, therefore studies were conducted in rooms illuminated with red lights.

I spent hours per week working in the “red light district” which strongly reeked of ammonia and cedar chips.

While I found the research very interesting…

I quickly learned that hanging out in dimly lit rooms, connecting and disconnecting rats from machines, was really not my idea of a good time.

Perhaps it was the day, when one…

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