Secrets and Rainbows

“Give me your hand” you said. I blinked my eyes really fast and before I could reply, you took my hands and intertwined with yours. I was too surprised, “What are you doing?” I even think I was gaping when I asked him. “To keep you warm, what else. You do realize your hands are shaking terribly right?” and he smiled. “Wh-What..I don’t think I’m shaking” and looked at my hands that were seriously shaking. Embarrassed by the betrayal of my hands, I quickly walked faster and shouted “Come on, we’re going to be late” And I could hear him chuckled.

We were in a cafe, him drinking his coffee, while I drank my tea. The atmosphere was quiet and comforting, as we sat and talked about everything. The jazzy music filled our ears and it was relaxing. As if the world was ours, there was nothing to worry about…

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