Nearly a year of awareness-building for Bukit Brown, it is still an issue ignored by the larger, mainstream Singapore community. Maybe, it is mainly because Bukit Brown a.k.a “Coffee Hill” is a Chinese burial ground, and death is always a taboo topic. No human being, except probably the Mexicans with their ‘memento mori’ culture, like being reminded of their mortality, of the dirty, scary, and inevitable business of death. So, when the Singapore government announced its plans to exhume thousands of tombstones to give way to a 2 kilometre-wide road on January 2013, most Singaporeans were apathetic about it.

But, they don’t know that Bukit Brown is more than just a cemetery. Activists and concerned citizens are raising their voices because this new plan has struck the most important issue in the hearts of all Singapore citizens: Its soul. For the sake of modernity, how much is Singapore willing to sacrifice? To…

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