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Rangel: Southern States “Have Cultures That We Have To Overcome”

REP. RANGEL (D-NY): “New York is different and more progressive than a lot of areas in other states, and some of the Southern areas have cultures that we have to overcome. But we do have a model set of what Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, have come together and put the party labels behind them and come forward with something that says, ‘hey, we may disagree, but one thing is clear, that we have to do something’ and that’s exactly what they’ve done.”    Click below for video…

Comment:   Charlie Rangel lives in a culture, New York City, as a Representative from Harlem who has been a tax evader and embezzler and should be in jail.    Yet, he is  a man of humor.  Perhaps that is the case with his romantic look regarding  his statement that “Southern areas have cultures we…

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  1. cjack says:

    Mr. Rangel should look at himself in the mirror of his political and personal life. This master of hypocrisy was well schooled at the foot of his mentor Adam Clayton Powell. If Rangel had a sense of shame, he would immediately resign from Congress. How dare he speak of the ‘cultures’ of the South when he has been a most noted architect of the moral demise of the North? Mr. Rangel, the “Bible belt” is trying to save the Republic! The South still believes in God and country, the work ethic, common decency, and the preservation of the entire US Constitution. Are you aware, Mr. Rangel, of the exodus of northern Blacks (with a fair amount of professionals) returning to the South? Is it possible they may be disenchanted with the scurrilous political agenda of Democrats like you in the North? An agenda that has decimated the Black family and community values that held them together in the South?! Enough of your hypocrisy Charlie Rangel. A jail cell should have been your humble abode.

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