Read'm and Weep

How to De-clutter and Make Money Now: Turn Clutter into Cash with The One-Minute Organizer (Volume 1)

Over the years, we have sold things on ebay, had yard sales and used several of the sources found in this book.This past week at our house, have been cleaning closets and getting rid of things.we got rid of an old dryer that was sitting in our garage.  However, this book covers a lot of ideas I had not even thought about. This is the time of the year when many of us are decluttering. Why keep it around anyway? There’s no need to keep stuff that you’re no longer using in your closet, because this book is full of options for selling those things that you no longer want. Donna Smallin Kuper goes though a wide range tips and strategies for making money from selling at local consignment shops, online, in newspapers, yard sales, and flea markets. She also suggests ways of getting rid of things that you may…

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