The humble puffer fish may look cute, but that’s before you find out that it contains a poison with the power to both paralyse and suffocate. When prepared properly by having its liver and reproductive organs removed, the Fugu is something of a Japanese delicacy. However, should the chef slip up, munching on the puffer fish could lead to the ingestion of the poison tetrodotoxin, and ultimately a slow and painful death. While there is no antidote, victims can survive if they are given respiratory assistance until the poison wears off. With this in mind, people planning to indulge in some Fugu will want to ensure a licensed chef prepares the fish for them. Acquiring a license to cook the dish is a long and intensive process, with a rather stressful final exam in which the chef must prepare the dish before eating it himself. Alternatively, those desperate to taste the delicacy could choose a non-toxic form of Fugu, which has been bred by a number of Japanese producers.


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